It is always really great to see a game evolve from being developed as a quick prototype to a full-fledged experience. Let’s check out Taphobos!

Trying out the coffin for Taphobos
Back in October during the Performance and Games Workshop one group prototyped “Project C”. The C stood for “coffin” and a player had to crawl into a large (but narrow) cardboard box resembling a coffin. They would then use an Oculus Rift to look around inside the coffin looking for clues for where they were buried. By calling a phone hidden somewhere in the real world, they then had to convince a passers-by to help them find their burial ground and dig them out.

James Brown of the University of Lincoln has since then continued to work on the game. It is now called Taphobos – and it is played in a real coffin! The second player now does not find a phone anymore but instead plays a first-person “shooter” trying to decipher the clues given from the coffin person.

The media is slowly catching on to it as well – Rock, Paper, Shotgun just wrote about it this morning.

The game is going to be exhibited at EGX Rezzed this weekend, so check it out if you are there.

Official website
Taphobos Twitter
James Brown Twitter

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