During my time as a researcher I have worked on several games as designer and developer. This is a selection of the more noteworthy ones.

Apocalypse of MoP – bringing down a dystopian government
As part of the ORCHID project we worked together with Nottingham-based artist group Urban Angel to develop a web-based alternate reality game. Players join underground organization Cr0n and infiltrate the Orwellian Ministry of Provenance in order to uncover their sinister plans.

Tidy City – exploring the city for clues
In TOTEM we investigated authoring tools for mixed reality games. For Tidy City we teamed up with independent game designer Michael Straeubig and created a riddle-based scavenger hunt. The game allows everyone to design their own missions and publish them. Available for Android.

Time Warp – time travelling in Cologne
Two players collaborate and explore the Old Town of Cologne through different time periods. They encounter robots that have escaped from the future and the players need to secure their safe return. The game combines augmented reality with strong narrative elements. It was part of the IPCity research project.

Interference – uncovering the mystic truth behind technology failures
In IPerG we explored the concept of pervasive games. Players took on the role of telecommunication specialists and entered a world of magic and technology. The game was staged several times in a suburb of Stockholm and in Düsseldorf. It included role-playing elements and an immersive story supported by actors.