At the end of 2016 I will have worked for 10 years in research! I have worked for three different institutes during this time, participated in several international research projects, even coordinated one, published and presented my work at conferences, and most of all learned a lot about research in general and my interests specifically.

In my research I am looking at games, and especially at anything that is not a traditional videogame. I like to use the term mixed reality games, but there is often not much of a difference to pervasive games, location-based games, augmented reality games, alternate reality games, urban games, … Games that are not trapped inside a screen in a living room excite me. You use your body to play and explore and interact the “real world” while playing them.

I started out developing these games, then I created authoring tools. And now, during the course of my PhD studies I have developed the Mixed Reality Game Cards. It’s a deck of cards to playfully support collaborative ideation sessions to create and design such games. I suggest you take a look at them!
Alternatively (or additionally), you can also read (a little bit) about my overall research: