Yesterday I got to talk about Pokémon Go for Computerphile.

The video starts a bit slow with an explanation on how you actually play the game. I guess by now almost everybody knows that. The later part of the video is more interesting because I get to talk about some of the design issues and considerations that a large-scale location-based game like Pokémon Go raises. I will write a longer blog post about these as soon as I have some more time (so hopefully not never).

Beware: I mess up the number of Pokémon in the game (there are a little under 750 in total but so far only 151 in the game). And I also use the wrong plural (which is “Pokémon” and not “Pokémons” – weirdly enough I never us the wrong Pokémon plural in day-to-day conversations). Must have been a case of “Lampenfieber” as we say in German, “lamp fever” or stagefright.

Pokémon Go – Quick Overview
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