Sage Solitaire is quite the neat mobile game. It’s a solitaire style game where you have to clear 9 stacks of cards by forming Poker hands. It’s quick, the interface is smooth, nice animations that don’t overstay their welcome, and satisfying sound effects. It’s a fun time waster and has several modes of playing.

True Grit mode in Sage Solitaire
True Grit mode in Sage Solitaire

Today I managed to unlock “True Grit”. When I went back to the main screen, a warning message popped up. First I was confused and then I started to grin. Because similar to the “Vegas” mode in True Grit you play for (virtual) money. But in Vegas you can always reset your account and start fresh if you lost too much money.

In True Grit you can’t.

Lost all your money? That’s game over. For ever.


Designer Zach Gage already published the perhaps even more unnerving Lose/Lose, a Space Invader clone that deletes files from your hard drive whenever you kill an alien. With True Grit as part of Sage Solitaire he takes on gambling.

He told Kotaku:

I feel like gambling is this deep amazing experience that cuts right to the heart of us as humans. But the majority of the exploration into gambling is about how to get the most money out of users. Because of that there are huge swathes of people who avoid gambling, or just aren’t interested in that kind of risk. I’ve wanted to try to explore some new spaces with gambling, and this is kind of my first push into it.

Get Sage Solitaire for Android or iOS, it’s worth it!

Permadeath in Sage Solitaire
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