I’m participating in Ingenuity 16 which is an entrepeneurship competition organized by the Ingenuity Lab. Today was the kick-off and 308 participants met at the East Midlands Conference Center for a day of exploring our ideas and networking. I’m there to investigate how I can bring my Mixed Reality Game Cards properly to market. It was quite a diverse crowd: software developers, product designers, engineers, service providers, and many more. Although I really like working in academia, sometimes it is really refreshing to get out there and meet “real people”. ūüėČ

Define, determine, discover
Define, determine, discover

After some introductory talks we used the Ingenuity Online to do some strutured and problem-oriented brainstorming around our ideas. It’s a nice tool to work on an idea/problem in co-located or remote groups. It is based around a “guide for clear thinking” and revolves around the three steps define, determine, and discover.

Ingenuity 16
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