In the first week of August I was at the DiGRA/FDG conference and presented my latest paper on my Mixed Reality Game Cards. I don’t think the proceedings are online yet, but you can find it on ResearchGate until then. The cards themselves will hopefully be ready for ordering before the end of the month – fingers crossed!

Wetzel, R., Rodden, T. and Benford, S. Developing Ideation Cards for Mixed Reality Game Design. Proceedings of the 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG (Dundee, United Kingdom, 2016).

Abstract: Mixed reality games (MRGs) pose new challenges but also opportunities to designers. In order to make the design space of MRGs easily accessible and enable collaborative design in a playful manner we have developed Mixed Reality Game Cards. These ideation cards synthesize design knowledge about MRGs and are inspired by a variety of other successful ideation cards. We describe six studies, illustrate the iterative development of our cards, and reflect how the structure of our cards might influence future ideation cards.

It was my first time at DiGRA having been to FDG a few times before. Overall a very diverse crowd all the way from more technically-inclined AI-researchers to the more Humanities-oriented Game Studies people.

My presentation was on the morning of the last day, but a surprising amount of people showed up!

Here are some impressions from the audience:

Developing Ideation Cards for Mixed Reality Game Design
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