The first paper we wrote on our game Apocalypse of MoP got accepted to CHI 2015! CHI is the biggest (and most prestigious) HCI conference and next year in April it will take place in Seoul.

Provenance for the People: A User-Centered Look at the W3C PROV Standard through an Online Game
Khaled Bachour*, Richard Wetzel*, Martin Flintham*, Trung Dong Huynh**, Tom Rodden*, Luc Moreau**.
* Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham
** Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton
Abstract: In the information age, tools for examining the validity of data are invaluable. Provenance is one such tool, and the PROV model proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium in 2013 offers a means of expressing provenance in a machine readable format. In this paper, we examine take a user-centered approach to understanding the notions of provenance, the accessibility of the PROV model, and the general attitudes towards history and the verifiability of information in modern data society. We do this through the medium of an online-game designed to explore these issues and present the findings of the study along with a discussion of some of its implications.

We are planning to publish at least one other paper about the game, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using a game as a research method

Apocalypse of MoP goes to CHI
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